selected works


Earth Water Motor Series 
Markus Maicher,
Cosma Grosser


Topology of a Tyrolean mountain landscape in a 16mm triple projection. The audio-visual as well as the auto-mobile machine traverse and transcend the valley from Boden to Bschlabs. The film was made during a residency at the Tyrolean Bschlabertal and reflects the topology of an abandoned place as well as the conditions of its own creation. A darkroom was built in the old elementary school, film strips were hung to dry in the classrooms and then projected in a self-built cinema in an old shed. The images were filmed on print material with a Bolex camera, they are thus raw and multilayered like the valley, created by manual labor as it is still the basis of everyday existence in the Bschlabertal.



Cutting through landscapes with the machine. 
Destroying the postcard images of places we know. Part two of the three-part Earth Water Motor series is filmed on soundstock with a 16mm Bolex, hand developed and edited in-camera. The film music is composed with an analogue synthesizer. Beginning in Bschabertal the series finds its continuation in Krumpendorf