Photo by Jennifer Posny



Lerchenfelder Gürtel, Bogen 48 (U6 Station Josefstädterstrasse)
Part of Rundgang 20.01. - 23.01.2022
visible 24/7 until 30.01.2022

Unfolding deals with the topic of violence against women on different levels. By first placing the fabric in space, each fold refers to a femicide in Austria in 2021. Gradually, the fabric spreads out and covers the cube in a performative act. The acoustic environment sets the cube vibrating, constantly looping the outside to the inside and reverse.

Iklim Doğan
Cosma Grosser
Sepideh Hassani
Lukas Maria Klestil
Karolina Malwina
Eduardo Triviño-Cely
Jennifer Posny

Performative installation with silver-foil and sound.

Supported by Gerriets, Öykü Özer and Ramina Jenabi

Photo by Jennifer Posny

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